Tacen is pleased to announce our admission into the Blockchain Association. We are honored to be able to take a seat amongst the foremost blockchain thought leaders in the United States to assure that policies, regulations, and standards created are most beneficial to the community.

The Blockchain Association is a leading advocate for regulation in the United States that promotes and encourages innovation in the blockchain and crypto space. The association is the unified voice of the cryptocurrency industry. Association members are industry leaders who share a commitment to responsibly building, investing in, and advocating for blockchain networks fueled by cryptocurrencies.

Tacen will be actively working with other association members to improve the public policy environment surrounding the future of blockchain practice. We are particularly proud to form part of this prestigious organization while we continue our work to innovate the way that crypto is traded. We remain committed to building the premier non-custodial exchange and continue the pursuit of the values of privacy, decentralization, and security, much like the Blockchain Association itself.

For more info on the Blockchain Association, you can learn more here.