Private proof-of-concept demos have been underway for the past two weeks! We are so excited to share everything that we are building, and we are proud of the progress that we have made! In the last few months, the team worked hard to create a groundbreaking non-custodial crypto exchange.

We have received an overwhelming amount of interest in our one-on-one demos and were not able to reach out to everyone just yet. However, we wanted to provide more in-depth information about what we are doing and the product we are creating. Here are a few of the most important things happening right now at Tacen™:

First, our front end engineer, Rory Murray, is designing a beautiful web app that will satisfy users aesthetically and functionally. Rory brings valuable insights into the user experience design. He spent the formative years of his career trading at Discovery Capital, a global macro hedge fund with $15bn in peak AUM. He brings extensive knowledge of what works for serious traders and what doesn't, which has allowed him to create an app that is extremely easy to onboard into and begin trading. His unique trading perspective has allowed him to maximize our app's usage to satisfy the needs of institutional traders while also maintaining a clean and sleek design.

Kirk Hutchison, Tacen's smart contract security developer, has been working closely with Jae Yang to design a structurally sound back end and smart contracts. Jae is a former aerospace engineer who has worked on flight pattern simulation systems for the military and has substantial experience developing flight safety software. Jae and Kirk are bringing that same standard to Tacen. Our code will conform to the same high expectations that apply to the flight control software that keeps airplanes safe or the cryptographic algorithms that secure blockchains. All of our smart contract codes will be verified to perform correctly using mathematics and formal logic. By taking a methodical approach to security, we intend to protect traders' funds by removing the potential of undiscovered errors.

Kirk's work on a system of formal verification is the sweet sauce in our non-custodial recipe. Our open-source smart contracts ensure that we will never require KYC information, and we will never need to hold on to trader funds. Funds and trader personal data will never be stored, and, as such, there will never be anything for bad actors to steal. Our smart contract system prevents us from touching trader funds at all, which means that we won't have the capability to freeze or confiscate funds ever. Traders will be able to begin trading by merely going to our website and connecting their wallets. On top of this, we have done exhaustive due diligence to ensure that we comply with all relevant SEC regulations. We believe that we have successfully designed an exchange model that is both non-custodial and compliant.

Our progress over the last year has been substantial, and we are confident that we are creating something that represents an essential addition to the DeFi ecosystem.

We love talking about the work that is happening here, and we are always very quick to respond to any questions. There is an ongoing conversation on Telegram that the team is very active in that you can join here. The fastest way to ask a question, schedule a call, or get ahold of one of our team is there. Thank you for your ongoing support!